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AIA and the Beijing National Accounting Institute have signed a strategic co-operation agreement. Qin Rongsheng, dean of BNAI, and Philip Turnbull, chief executive of AIA, signed the agreement in Beijing on 8 January 2016.

The agreement will foster collaboration between AIA and BNAI, with the aim of advancing the accountancy profession in an international environment, and nurturing the exchange of knowledge and market intelligence between the two organisations, enhancing accounting professionalism in both the UK and China.

The agreement will faciliate graduates of the BNAI Leading Talent Programme to be directly admitted into Associate membership of AIA, as well as access to educational and professional networks, and co-operation on shared provision of continuing professional development. it is also intended to organise international exchange visits.

During the signing ceremony, Mr Qin praised the professionalism of AIA and BNAI and expressed the opportunity for greater co-operation in the future.

affirmed the efficient and pragmatic working attitude of the two parties at the preparation stage.

Mr Turnbull stated: “The BNAI Top Leading Talent Programme creates first-class accounting talent, and we recognise the important role they play in educating China’s accountants and identifying elite candidates."

The BNAI was registered in 1998 and approved by the State Council of China, supervised by the Ministry of Finance and supported by Tsinghua University. The BNAI is an accounting education and training base for senior administrative staff and accountants from macroeconomic administration departments of the government, state-owned large-scale enterprises, financial institutes and social agencies across China. BNAI is responsible for identifying elite candidates throughout China and placing them onto its Top Leading Talent programme.

During and upon completion of the training programme, the candidates who were already holding significant senior roles prior to attending the course, are specifically identified and earmarked as ‘top leading talents’ intended for functional roles for example, in the Treasury Bureau, Enterprise Accounting Standards Board, Internal Control Committee, Research & Academic Committee of Provincial Finance Departments and Provincial Accounting Institute, Provincial Senior Accountant Qualification Review Committee, etc.